Alain Van Goethem

Actor, Dubbing Actor.

About me

I had my first acting job in 1988 and found out that being on a set is what I love doing the most. So I decided to study in London and LA at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. I love acting in movies and for television and I do some voice-over work too. All of them I’ve done in Dutch, French and English but having a good ear picking up languages and accents, I’ve done some work in Spanish and German too …


Belgian actor Alain Van Goethem had his first acting job in seven episodes of the series Meester, hij begint weer! (1985) directed by Robbe De Hert for the VRT in Belgium in 1989. He afterwards trained at The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in London and Los Angeles from 1992 until 1994. After his studies he returned to Belgium.